Sustainability of lamcor

Considering the need to adapt to climate change and increasing demands for energy, food, and water, the Lamcor company comes to contribute to addressing the energy crisis and combating environmental pollution. The company's goal is to promote the circular economy and manage and utilize natural resources. Specifically, it aims to collect Posidonia Oceanica, practically a waste, from coastal areas while respecting the natural ecosystems, manage and fully utilize it through the production of high-yield monolithic products, which contribute to energy conservation in the maritime industry and, primarily, in the construction sector. The company's products are biodegradable and produced primarily from the dead leaves of the Posidonia Oceanica that are discarded in the Mediterranean coasts.

lamcor seaweed logo

Lamcor comes to offer the Greek and international market a range of environmental and biodegradable products of excellent quality.

  • Insulation products (thermal-acoustic)
  • Mattress products
  • Raw materials for plastic replacement products
  • Raw materials for animal feed etc.

The company’s contribution, beyond energy savings, proper waste management, and circular economy, is decisive for reducing carbon dioxide emissions and addressing climate change.